Green Notes

Published: January 2021

Murphy Companies Names D. Thomas Griep CEO and President Company heralds new era of leadership and growth   MINNEAPOLIS (January 7, 2021) – Murphy Companies, a leading Midwest third-...


Published: July 2020

  When Richard T. Murphy, Jr. passed away on July 4, 2019, he left an amazing legacy on many fronts: a fulfilling career in landscape architecture, including 25 years of teaching; close to...


Computer Logistics pack and label project

Published: June 2019

From emergency responsiveness, to special services; Murphy is available to help our clients with all types of requests. Our experienced warehouse team has worked with companies in every industry from...


Murphy warehouse trucking options

Published: June 2019

Decisions within the supply chain can make a huge difference in your performance. Everything from prices, to customer service and product shipping times depends on the supply chain. This makes asking...


Published: May 2019

  Sustainable transportation is a big broad statement aimed at reducing the impact that product transportation has on the world. There are many ways to become more sustainable when shipping...

Author: Greg Parupsky

Full Utilization of Warehouse space and logistics services

Published: April 2019

  Just  as manufacturers focus on reducing waste, the Third-Part Logistics (3PL) industry is driven by efficiency. A continuous improvement ideology and a strong partnership mindset is...

Author: Andy Welna

Published: March 2019

  The idea and process of expanding business can be exciting, busy, and even scary at times. Moving into new and uncharted markets can bring out the best for many businesses such as a new...

Author: D. Thomas Griep, CPA, JD

Murphy Rigging uses crane to move a MRI machine using millwright services.

Published: March 2019

  With any supply chain operation there are standard services that should be handled with ease, no matter the distribution type. Services like pallet moves, storage and protection, and shipment...


Published: February 2019

  The right tools can provide effortless inventory management and transparency throughout your entire supply chain. Included with Murphy’s warehouse management system (WMS) is a tool...

Author: Jean Parupsky

Project Logistics in the Warehouse Pallets piled with a forklift

Published: January 2019

  What do a Starbucks Coffee Shop renovation, the Mall of America expansion and US Bank Stadium’s construction all have in common? They were projects all done in the Twin Cities over...

Author: Greg Parupsky