Green Notes

Storing and sorting products in a warehouse to increase efficiency

Published: November 2014

As the business landscape continues to change dramatically, companies of all sizes and levels are looking for different ways to improve efficiency, minimize risks and save time and money. Whether it...


Published: March 2014

It's a common question.  Why would a company in the logistics industry invest and practice sustainable business measures to such a degree?  Why does Murphy Warehouse Company even...

Author: Richard T. Murphy, Jr.

Published: February 2014

  Every 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company makes a substantial impact on the environment.  In the United States alone, the warehouses used by industry as well as by logistics/3PL companies...

Author: Richard T. Murphy, Jr.

Published: January 2014

Welcome to Murphy Warehouse Company! We are pleased to present to you both our new company website and a new blog! In this publication, we share our passion for and commitment to green and...

Author: Richard T. Murphy, Jr.