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Several years ago, a California entrepreneur and his dog saw the need for high-quality, nutritious pet food and pet snacks. At that time, no other product in the marketplace offered hand-baked, 100% natural pet food through Internet sales. As the business took off across the country, the company grew weary of trying to fulfill Web-based orders on its own from its California base and searched for logistics help with a geographic focus. This online retailer chose Minnesota as a strategic, central location for distributing its pet food products to retailers, distributors and directly to consumers throughout the country. In addition to finding a partner for storage and distribution, inventory control was another significant issue as the retailer continued to experience growth.

The company chose Murphy Warehouse Company, and asked us to solve its development and growth concerns, especially those related to fulfillment capacity. At the time, Murphy had not provided solutions for either direct-to-retail customers, or for small, random orders. For this customer, Murphy created a tier pricing method for supplying irregular orders. Now, no matter the size, shipments to customers, retailers and distributers can be completed promptly and delivered in a timely fashion for a good price.

By partnering with Murphy, the customer was able to focus on its core operations of product development, sales and brand recognition. Murphy’s ability to achieve an efficient fulfillment channel was critical to maintaining a constant inventory to meet needs, no matter the size of the order or the customer.

"There are going to be hiccups," a company executive said. "But Murphy is a very reasonable solution to those hiccups. They are very reasonable people." Thanks to the collaboration of the all-natural pet food producer and Murphy, cats and dogs across the country enjoy nutritious treats, no matter where they live.