Murphy Provides Plant Support for Local Manufacturer

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Murphy Provides Plant Support for a Local Manufacturer.

A local manufacturer and supplier of home construction and replacement materials had been running their own warehouse for twenty years. As they looked for ways to improve, they decided to focus more on their core business and leave warehousing and handling issues to the experts.

With the client needing much more than standard pallet moves and deliveries to the plant, Murphy was brought in to:

  • Consolidate both raw manufacturing elements and finished specialty building components in customized racking.
  • Provide customized and value-added services to parts such as pre-drilling, cutting to specific dimensions, and bending to shape.
  • Kitting and sequencing ordered components for JIT delivery directly to the production line for assembly.
  • Ship to multiple regional plants for processing, finishing or final assembly.



Murphy’s value-added perspective created storage efficiency, time savings, improved accuracy, and labor savings when both partners participated more deeply in the client’s processes.  Because building construction is seasonal in the Upper Midwest, Murphy developed a “flexible wall” storage option. As space needs expand and contract due to business realities and weather, our warehousing space fluctuates with them. The company is not chained to using and paying for a fixed amount of warehouse space if they don’t need it. The same holds true for their labor requirements in the supply chain. When the company’s business slows down for the winter employees are not left with nothing to do or even seasonally laid off, Murphy’s employees are simply available to help with other clients that have peak activity during the holiday season.

There have been a couple of great results for our customized services.

First, Murphy is nimble enough to react quickly for JIT orders preventing traffic and storage issues at manufacturing plants. This has allowed the client to increase their manufacturing footprint and easily produce more inventory, and expand without added real-estate costs.  

Second, management staff at the manufacturer is at ease. After seeing the many positive results they are confident in Murphy’s abilities as a partner for their production process and support of their business success.

Responsiveness, flexibility and a focus on the details are critical to customized logistics services. We are proud to be a contributing partner in this client’s successful business operations.