Re-Label Project Partnership

SELF Electronics
Re-label Cases to Large Retailer Specifications
Murphy Logistics Services: 
Transportation, Label Printing, Facilitating

Murphy’s Client Solutions Specialist received a phone call from a potential customer that was searching for item re-labeling of cases. The labeling specifications needed to fit the demands of a large retailer in the United States; it also had to be completed within five business days to meet the supply deadline. SELF Electronics’ current 3PL provider offered to complete the project; however their rates would not leave SELF with much profit, at all.

SELF Electronics opted to shop around the area, looking for a better rate, while still receiving quality service. The amount of work and tight timeframe presented problems for other providers that made proposals to SELF.

Murphy quoted our services to SELF within the same day, and it was to their satisfaction. Murphy handled transportation of the pallets to our facility, our experienced customer service reps ordered supplies with overnight delivery and already had the special printer needed to print the labels.

Murphy then facilitated the project and partnered with a long time vendor, a company that provides work for handicapped men and women. We handled distribution to their facility in a “just-in-time” type project, which kept the floor space available for work. Murphy’s Operations Manager provided direction and checked in with our partner on a regular basis to make sure that the job was being completed correctly, within the short timeframe.  Murphy then handled transportation to the end user with the correct labels, and on time!

Through implementing fast and reliable service, Murphy was able to win the bid for this relabeling project. We also used our experience and knowledge to get the right equipment, and find a reliable partner to help us get the job done in the tight timeframe. Finally, by utilizing our large network of vendors, Murphy was able to cut the original quote provided by SELF’s current 3PL by over 50%, while still completing the job quickly!

SELF Electronics received fast, quality service along with more than a 50% discount from their current provider, that’s the Murphy Difference.