On-Site Product Assembly and Short-Term Leasing

Ohio Garage Door Component Company
Meet Expansion Needs without Interrupting Business
Murphy Logistics Services: 
3PL Leasing Benefits, Warehousing

Short Term Leasing

When an Ohio-based Company, providing high quality components to the garage door industry, wanted to expand operations into the Twin Cities, the company didn't want to be burdened by the fixed cost of a long-term lease on a building to store its inventory. It also didn’t want any business interruption while opening its doors in Minnesota.

The solution was temporary 3PL leasing, a unique option offered by Murphy that leverages our 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space in the Twin Cities. Short term 3PL leasing through Murphy offered the company the flexibility it needed by providing warehouse space on a favorable lease, added logistics services and professional staff support while expanding its business to Minnesota. The company occupied 20,000 square feet of Murphy's warehousing with a flexible 90-day lease term. And as an additional service, Murphy staff ran the operation out of the warehouse because the Company had not yet hired any Minnesota employees.

"(Our) employees trained the Murphy team in our operations and quality standards, but we also learned a great deal from them," says their CFO. The Company measured the productivity of all five of its company geographic distribution centers. The Murphy-staffed warehouse location – the only outsourced facility – ranked as the most efficient.

"The Murphy operation...can better accommodate the natural ebb and flow of customer demand because if things are slower, or we need less staff, Murphy can shift those resources to their other customers," a company representative said.

Whether you're a larger company that requires full-scale operational support in a warehouse staffed with a complete logistics team, or a small entrepreneurial start-up business, 3PL leasing is a smart option for business owners.